London Mistress Ava – Corrective Therapy


ctI am mistress Ava , and you certainly have found the perfect practitioner  of the art of correction, in all its forms.What is it you have done boy? I will  need to know eventually in order to ascertain the precise nature of your inevitable punishment.

Mind you I do know that all boys need to be taken into hand frequently to keep them in line, and my punishments never fail.

I have had many satisfying years experience in dealing with all degrees of errant behaviour and hence know just how red and weleted your bottom will need to be.

I am a strong believer that regular chastisement is the only way to keep naughty boys in line and is the only way to develop self control.

Starting with a bare bottom over the knee spanking may often suffice, but some boys require a firmer hand. My lap is the perfect place for a squirming boy whose bottom is turning from white to cherry red under the impact of my spanking hand.

Of course punishments need to develop depending on the seriousness and repetitiveness of the offence, and it will not be long before my wide variety of implements and canes are put to very good use. Minor infringements might be dealt with by way of 6 or  12 of even and accurate strokes. With you touching your toes, or   bent over my desk  starting with your trousers up and shirt tails in and then proceeding  to   your pants and trousers round your ankles.

More  serious misdemeanours will require a lengthier exploration of your pain threshold., with you securely strapped down ready with your back side in the air to submit to my cane.

Oh and if you dare to complain that you cannot take it, I have a vast  selection of gags  to silence you.

It is such a crying shame that schools do not administer punishment any longer, but it is my joy and mission in life to provide those thrashings  which I believe society requires.  You may wish to admit to your offences, and I will not be surprised at anything that you have been up to, but I assure you that I will deal with your disgraceful activities appropriately. Whatever punishment is decided that you need, you can be assured that when I dismiss you, you will feel that you have been taught a lesson by a true discipline devotee and CP enthusiast.